Introducing datasets

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the types of datasets and the difference between datasets and models
  • Create a dataset


A dataset is a simple collection of data, usually presented in a table. You can use a dataset as the basis for your story, and as a data source for Smart Predict.

Dataset are first choice when you want to create story/ visualization quickly and do not want to get into structure definition, during data processing, or when development does not demand IT governance.

For the most part, datasets acquire data via import connections. The only exception is that a dataset can be built based on a live connection to a HANA data repository.

Datasets vs. import models

CharacteristicsDatasetsPlanning ModelsAnalytic Models
PurposeAd-hoc/Smart predictPlanningBI
Scheduled imports availableNoYesYes
Standalone or embeddedBothStandaloneStandalone
Table1 data tableDimensions + data tableDimensions + data table
Calculated measuresNoYesYes

Public and private datasets

Access the Datasets menu option from the SAP Analytics Cloud navigation bar. From there, you can create public datasets based on a file or an import data source.

How to open the Welcome to Datasets from the SAC navigation bar.

Public datasets:

  • Public datasets are standalone
  • Can be used in multiple stories
  • Can be used for smart predict
  • Created from the main menu

Private datasets:

  • Dataset that is embedded into a story
  • Cannot be used for smart predict
  • Created from an existing or new story

Embedded datasets: When you create a story and import data from a file or other data source, but not from an existing saved model or dataset, that data is saved as an embedded dataset (also called a private dataset) within the story, and this dataset doesn't appear in the Files list. However, if you want others to be able to use this dataset, you can convert it to a public dataset.


A shareable live dataset can be created for SAP HANA. Live datasets can also be created from a story based on SAP Datasphere.

Create a public dataset

Task 1:

Business example

You have a file with HR data and you need to create a public dataset so that it can be used in multiple stories.

Task flow

In this practice exercise, you will perform the following tasks:

  • Create a dataset based on a file
  • Switch date columns to dimension data types
  • Solve a data type issue

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