Applying Conditional Formatting

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Apply conditional formatting on single or multiple table cells

Conditional Formatting

You can apply conditional formatting by defining thresholds to account dimension members and measures either in a story or a model. For example, in your model you could define a threshold for revenue at $1,000,000, so that all stories based on the model can use the pre-defined revenue threshold of $1,000,000. When defining thresholds in a model, the definition is done only once. But thresholds at the story level must be defined in every story.

Define Thresholds in a Story

To define thresholds in a story, choose Conditional Formatting from the ...More option in the Tools area of the ribbon. From there, simply define your criteria for the formatting colors. Once the conditional formatting is defined, you can apply it to charts or tables on your story pages.

Apply to a Chart

You can apply conditional formatting to either a measure in a chart or to the Color definition for a chart in the Builder pane.

Apply to a Table

You can apply conditional formatting to a measure in a table in the Builder pane. You can also define a new threshold, just as you would from the main toolbar.

Thresholds on Single or Multiple Table Cells

If you have multiple measures/accounts displayed in a table, you can create and apply thresholds for each measure. You can also create multiple thresholds for a particular measure, but you can apply only one threshold at a time.

Apply Conditional Formatting in a Story

Business Scenario

You have created a story and decide that you would like to add conditional formatting to highlight specific data. To do this, you create thresholds for the story and apply it to the chart you have created. You create a new chart that will have the same formatting applied to it.

Task Flow

In these simulations, we will guide you through the steps in performing the following tasks:

  • Create a threshold using the Thresholds panel
  • Apply the threshold to the existing bar/column chart
  • Create and configure a bullet chart using the conditional formatting

Task 1: Create a Threshold and Apply it to a Chart

Task 2: Use Conditional Formatting in a New Chart in a Story

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