Configuring and Interacting with Geo Maps

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Build, format, and interact with geo maps

Geo Maps

In SAP Analytics Cloud, geo maps offer the visualization of data on a world map. You can choose from a variety of geographical mapping options to display your regional data, trends, flow, and much more.

When view the Geo Map in a story, your options include:

  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Reset
  • Zoom to data
  • Map tool
  • Polygon filter

To use the map, enhance a data model with geo dimensions.

The following geo models are supported:

  • Import models using a manual upload.
  • Live models using SAP HANA as a data source.

Map Layers

You can use map layers and various layer types to define geo maps in your stories.

Create a Story with Geographical Data

Business Scenario

You are creating a story that has a requirement for geographical visualizations with location data.

Task Flow

In this simulation, we will guide you through the steps in performing the following tasks:

  • Use the polygon filter
  • Use the zoom to data feature
  • Adjust the scaling factors
  • Use the drill down feature
  • Use basemap formatting templates
  • Use mapping layer types

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