Creating a SAP Digital Boardroom

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create an SAP Digital Boardroom to present your stories

SAP Digital Boardroom

Use SAP Digital Boardroom to enhance the presentation experience with fluid navigation between content and on-screen interactivity. SAP Digital Boardroom gives decision makers real-time, digital-enterprise insight into integrated line-of-business data from SAP and third-party applications. With SAP Digital Boardroom, users can more readily monitor, simulate, and support business changes to meet the expectations of customers, business partners, and employees.

Use Responsive Pages

It is recommended to design SAP Digital Boardroom presentations using responsive story pages. Responsive pages allow you to create layouts that automatically resize and reflow when viewed on different screen sizes and are required for viewing on mobile devices.

Limitations: Canvas pages can also be used; however, grid pages are not supported. If a story contains a mixture of responsive, canvas, and grid page types, only the responsive and canvas pages are imported into the SAP Digital Boardroom builder.

SAP Digital Boardroom Presentation Types

When you create a new SAP Digital Boardroom, you can choose either the agenda or dashboard option.

Agenda Presentation Type
The agenda presentation type is the traditional boardroom meeting structure. You create the agenda items that you want, then you add and combine pages from stories into your topics.

Choose the + button to add a topic to the agenda. Choose Library to open the Stories window and import your stories. Once the stories are imported, drag and drop the stories from the Imported Stories area with multiple pages, or choose Expand to select single or multiple pages of stories to go into your topic. You can use Ctrl+Shift to select multiple items from the Imported Stories area.

Dashboard Presentation Type
The dashboard presentation type is a modern, exploratory, corporate steering dashboard. You can create free-form topics to match your business organization. You can then add and combine pages from stories.

Single Screen Setups

You can use a single large screen or a single touch-screen monitor connected to a PC for viewing and interacting with your Digital Boardroom. With a single screen, the visible page can show a preview of pages in the same topic. You can select or swipe from one to the next, or jump from one to another using bread crumbs or other navigation features.

A SAP Digital Boardroom app is available in the Microsoft store. It integrates SAP Digital Boardroom with Microsoft Surface Hub collaboration features including e-mail, Skype, and drawing. To install the app, just follow the store instructions on your Surface Hub device. Another option is a video wall, where several individual monitors are combined into a single screen.

Multiple Screen Setups

With multiple large 4K touch screens connected to a single PC, you can present several topic pages at once. You can connect up to three screens to provide an immersive experience. A standard PC can support three monitors with HDMI or DVI ports.

Virtual Collaboration: Extend the Boardroom Experience to a Remote Audience

The SAP Digital Boardroom also provides engagement with a remote audience by allowing:

  • Screen-sharing
  • Handing over presentation control
  • Annotations for both main presenter and remote audience

Additional Information

For design tips, refer to Presentation Settings and Theming .

Create a Digital Boardroom

Watch this video to learn how to create an SAP Digital Boardroom.

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