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You define a task chain to combine data from different sources using unions and joins.
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A SAP HANA database module is a collection of related design-time database artifacts, such as data models, views, procedures and of course tables.
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Calculation views can include measures and can be used for multidimensional reporting, or can contain no measures and be used for list-type reporting.
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The Native DataStore Object (NDSO) technically consists of three connected tables: The Compare Queue which handles the data load, the Data Mart Data Table which holds the actual present data, and the Switch Log which stores the changes that were made to the Data Mart Data Table.
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The Flowgraph UI is a Smart Data Access (SDA) tool that enables developers to create powerful data loading and transformation flows with the convenience of a graphical user interface.
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An important file used in the deployment phase is the <i>.MTAR</i> file.
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