SAP Data Distribution Optimizer

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the functionality of the SAP Data Distribution Optimizer

SAP Data Distribution Optimizer

Data Distribution Optimizer is part of the SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation option. Its purpose is to support large-scale SAP HANA SQL data warehouses to ensure efficient data management and distribution.

Data Distribution Optimizer is an SAP HANA XS (classic) tool to plan, adjust, and analyze landscape redistribution.

The Data Distribution Optimizer (DDO) functionality includes:

  • SAP HANA Scale-Out Landscape Overview displaying system configurations and data distributions
  • Specify different reorganization configurations for different levels of granularity
  • Create, adjust, and simulate different reorganization plans to achieve an optimal data distribution in an interactive fashion
  • Visualize reorganization plans graphically by comparing the simulations with the actual system landscape
  • Export and import reorganization plans across systems (DDO remote mode deployment)
  • Analyze reorganization planning steps and logs of planned and executed SAP HANA landscape reorganization runs
  • Join path analysis to identify associated database tables in the system and create a proposal for table grouping

The redistribution algorithm has to reflect the relationship between single tables and constraints given by the landscape itself, such as allocation limits and server roles (primary and secondary, for example). Data Distribution Optimizer provides algorithms that meets these requirements. It is designed to improve the balancing of tables across the nodes of an SAP HANA multiple-host system (scale-out landscape).

Data Distribution Optimizer provides the options of aligning, simulation and re-configuration of data distribution activities in a workflow, where several iterations of the process might be performed to finally decide on the best approach and to execute the physical redistribution plan. The workflow comprises the following steps that you repeat until the best data distribution has been identified:

  1. Configuring the redistribution of table partitions (adjusting configuration) by defining Data Distribution Optimizer table placement rules
  2. Generating a redistribution plan
  3. Checking the simulation results of the redistribution plan to compare the resulting distribution with your current distribution
  4. Repeating step 1 to step 3 until the redistribution plan meets your requirements
  5. Executing of the redistribution plan
  6. Analyzing the logs of the redistribution plan
Data Distribution Optimizer is built on XS Classic (XSC) and not XS Advanced (XSA). So look for the official SAP documentation under the XS Classic section and not XS Advanced (there is a separate development guide for each).

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