SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation option for SAP SQL Data Warehousing

SAP Data Warehousing Foundation

It is possible to develop a custom data warehouse using standard SAP HANA tools to create well-known database objects such as tables, views, procedures and tasks. But to speed up the development of a custom data warehouse development, SAP provide a toolset that can be used to automatically generate database objects and code that support complex, data warehousing scenarios, such a delta loading and staging, data life-cycle management, data-load automation, and more.

The SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation option is a series of packaged data management tools to support (large scale) SAP SQL Data Warehouse use cases. With SAP Data Warehouse Foundation, you can achieve smart data distribution across complex landscapes, optimize the memory footprint of data in SAP HANA, and streamline administration and development. 

SAP Data Warehouse Foundation runs on the XS Advanced platform and comprises a set of specialized applications, including:

  • Data Distribution Optimizer (DDO)
  • Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM)
  • Native DataStore Object (NDSO)
  • Data Warehousing Scheduler (DWF)
  • Data Warehouse Monitoring (DWM)

The SAP Data Warehouse Foundation is developed and maintained by SAP and is provided as an extension to Web IDE. It has its own release cycle that is separate from SAP HANA database and other SAP HANA components. It also has its own documentation and online support community.

The SAP Data Warehouse Foundation toolset is not enabled by default in the Web IDE. This must be done by each developer in their own Web IDE workspace under Preferences.

In this course we will first focus on using well-known SQL database objects to develop our basic data warehouse. Later, we introduce the tools from the SAP Data Warehouse Foundation to provide more capabilities.

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