Exercise: Creating your Pay-As-You-Go Account in SAP BTP

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create your Pay-As-You-Go Account in SAP BTP

Creating your pay-as-you-go account in SAP BTP


This exercise does not work in all the countries, due to credit card compatibility reasons. At the moment we are writing it can be used in North America, Europe and Australia only. The geo-coverage is growing and is going to be global in the future. In case you cannot create your Pay-as-you-go account, as an alternative you can create a Free Trial Account, as described in the next exercise. So just skip this exercise and pass to Creating your Free Trial Account in SAP BTP.

For the full execution of this exercise, you need to have the following software installed on your laptop:

Cloud Foundry CLIlatestapplication


  1. In case you don't have it already, create your own Pay-As-You-Go account in the SAP BTP.

    1. In your web browser, open https://www.sap.com/products/free-trials.html.

    2. In the SAP Software Trials page, choose Log On (near the top right corner of the page). Login with your SAP user, in case you don't have one, register a new user for free.

    3. Choose SAP Business Technology Platform.

    4. Choose New SAP BTP users: Go To SAP Store.

    5. For the Pay-As-You-Go for SAP Business Technology Platform plan, choose Add to Chart.

    6. If the Add Company Details page appears, choose Purchase as an Individual. Enter your personal details. Choose Continue.

    7. In the Configure Your Solution page, for the Pay-As-You-Go for SAP Business Technology Platform (8007848) solution, choose Check Out.

    8. Enter your credit card information (it won't be charged if you use free services only), choose Submit.

    9. Choose Continue to Checkout Review.

    10. Choose Place Order.

    11. You immediately receive a mail with title SAP Store: Order request received.

    12. After some hours, you receive two mails titled SAP Store: Your order is now fully processed and Welcome to SAP Business Technology Platform.

    13. After some more time, you receive a further Welcome to SAP Business Technology Platform mail including your SAP BTP Cockpit URL and your SAP ID User.  Note the URL for future use. The URL will look something like https://cockpit.eu20.hana.ondemand.com. Open the URL and acess your global account in the SAP BTP Cockpit.

    14. You may also receive a mail with title Your personal key to the SAP ecosystem, that contains a link to complete your information in the https://accounts.sap.com web site.

  2. In the SAP Discovery Center, retrieve information about price and regional availability of the services you need. Based on that identify the ideal SAP BTP region for you to work.

    For the execution of the following exercises, we need two services:

    • SAP Business Application Studio
    • Cloud Foundry Runtime

    1. In your web browser, open https://discovery-center.cloud.sap.

    2. Choose Service Catalog

    3. Search for the two required services, review the service description.

    4. Switch to the Pricing tab, choose the Pay-As-You_Go service model and check the available service plans. Both of the services have a Free plan and a Standard plan (that is not free of charge). For the need of our exercises the Free plans will be sufficient.

    5. Check the regional availability of the free services. For example the following locations seem to fit the need:

      Code snippet
      Microsoft Azure: Australia (Sydney), Europe (Netherlands), Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, US East (VA), US West (WA)
    6. Based on your location, choose your preferred region. For example, I'm located in Europe so I'll choose Microsoft Azure: Europe (Netherlands).

  3. In the SAP BTP Cockpit, create a Subaccount named training, located in your region of choice.

    1. Open the SAP BTP Cockpit using the corresponding URL you received when you registered for the Pay-As-You-Go for SAP Business Technology Platform solution, for example https://cockpit.eu10.hana.ondemand.com.

    2. In the Account Explorer tab, choose CreateSubaccount

    3. In the Create Subaccount window, enter the following values, then choose Create.

      Display Nametraining
      Subdomain[leave the default proposal]
      Region[enter your region of choice]
      Parent[leave the default proposal]
  4. In the training subaccount, add entitlements and create the following services:

    SAP Business Application Studiofree
    Cloud Foundry Runtimefree
    1. In the Account Explorer tab, click on the training subaccount.

    2. In the Subaccount: trainingpage, navigate to the Entitlements tab, choose Configure Entitlements

    3. For every one of the previous service plans, choose Add Service Plans, then search and add the required service and plan.

    4. Choose Save.

    5. Navigate to the ServicesInstances and Subscriptions tab.

    6. For every one of the previous service plans, choose Create, search the required service and plan. Choose Create

  5. In Cloud Foundry, create a space with name dev, to deploy future applications.

    1. Navigate to the Overview tab.

    2. Choose Create Space.

    3. In the Space Name field, enter dev.

    4. Choose Create.

  6. To your user, assign roles to access the SAP Business Application Studio

    1. Navigate to the SecurityUsers tab.

    2. Select your own user. In the Role Collections section, choose Assign Role Collection.

    3. Check the Business_Application_Studio_Developer role collection. Choose Assign Role Collection.

  7. Open the Business Application Studio, create a development space of type SAP Cloud Business Application, with name training.

    1. Navigate to the ServicesInstances and Subscriptions tab.

    2. Click on the SAP Business Application studioapplication.

    3. In the studio, choose Create Dev Space.

    4. In the Dev Space name, enter training.

    5. In the kind of application, choose Full Stack Cloud Application

    6. Choose Create Dev Space.

    7. Once the space is running, click on its name to open it.

  8. Using the Cloud Foundry CLI, login with your e-mail and password, target the dev space.

    1. in SAP BTP Cockpit, navigate to the Overview tab. In the Cloud Foundry Environment section, read the API Endpoint (for example https://api.cf.eu20.hana.ondemand.com) and conserve the value for future use.

    2. In SAP Business Application Studio, open a Terminal (TermialNew Terminal) and run the following commands (replace <<API Endpoint>> with the Cloud Foundry Endpoint you previously noted).

      Code snippet
      cf api <<API endpoint>>
      cf login
      On login, enter your SAP BTP e-mail and password.

  9. Display the list of available buildpacks.

    1. In the Terminal, enter the following command:

      Code snippet
      cf buildpacks
      The list of available buildpacks is displayed.

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