Introducing Deployment Options of Persistence Models

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe deployment options of persistence models

Describe Deployment options of Persistence Models

As seen in the unit for SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, the idea is to allow open tooling for the Application Development.

Following this concept and to allow greater flexibility in Application Development.

From a Development standpoint, SAP Business Application Studio is used as the preferred tooling for Application Development when using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, at the same time other tools are also allowed. example Visual Studio with CDS Extension, Eclipse,Docker,Jupyter notebooks.

From a Deployment standpoint, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model allows two deployment options.

  • Local:

    The idea with the local development is to provide quick development and test cycles

    For Local developments, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model automatically bootstraps an SQLite in-process and in-memory database by default - that is, unless told otherwise.

    While this isn’t meant for productive use, it drastically speeds up development turn-around times, essentially by mocking your target database, for example, SAP HANA.

  • Persistence:
    • SQLite:

      Instead of using in-memory, we can also use persistent databases. For example, still with SQLite:

      The difference from the automatically provided in-memory database is that we now get a persistent database stored in the local file

    • SAP HANA Cloud:

      Once the development and tests are complete, the developments can be deployed to the SAP HANA Cloud Database or alternatively you can directly start with this option. A set of prerequisites has to be followed when deploying the developments to SAP HANA Cloud and this will be mentioned later.

Describing the Local Deployment option

This chapter mentions the steps required for the Local deployment.

  1. Define Domain Model:

    In this step we create the .cds file under the db folder for the entities that are required for the Persistence. The data definition file here is the Domain Model because this captures the entity relationship. This is the complete application data model

    We will use .csv files to load the data in the tables that will be created. The .csv files are stored in db/data folder.

  2. npm install :

    npm install reads the dependencies from your package.json and download all the specified modules into your project from the internet.

  3. Build:

    The content needed for the models, that is, tables, views, data are placed into a separate /gen folder in your project. This keeps the sources separate from the deployable/executable portions of your project. You can see this addition to the project structure in the main project navigation area. The command cds build is used.

  4. Compile :

    This step is optional but helps to check the definitions that are used during the creation of Persistence layer in SQL and HANA and the objects created during the actual deployment.

    The commands cds compile schema.cds – to HANA or cds compile schema.cds – to sql are used at the db level.

    HANA deployment shows usage of .hdbcds table but .hdbcds is not supported in SAP HANA Cloud, so we need to perform minor modification to enable HANA Deployment. This will be covered in the next Lesson on SAP HANA Cloud deployment.
  5. Deploy:

    In case of Local deployment,

    using cds deploy The Sqlite in-memory db is used by default.

    In case Local deployment with persistence is required we use the

    cds deploy --to sqlite is used.

Watch this video to learn about the process flow for Local Deployment

Describing the Persistence Deployment Option

This chapter mentions the steps required for the SAP HANA Cloud Deployment.

Watch this video to learn about the process flow for SAP HANA Cloud Deployment.

Local Persistence Deployment option in SAP CAP

HANA Persistence Deployment option in SAP CAP

Explore Service Instance on SAP BTP

Explore Database Artifacts on DB Level

Data and Code File - Describe Deployment options of Persistence Models

We define the Domain model using .cds, we create a file under db folder schema.cds (name can be anything). Copy the below code.

In the code below, we see

  • namespace
  • @sap/cds/common Referring to the Model reuse topic. Here we use Currency from the common types provided. This can be declared using the using {}from@sap/cds/common.
  • Association
  • Composition
  • multiline
  • Annotations (@)
Code snippet
namespace hc450.officesupplies;

using {Currency} from '@sap/cds/common';

entity Products {
 @Common.Label : 'UUID'
 key ID : UUID;
 identifier : String @Common.Label : 'ProductID';
 title : localized String @(Common.Label : 'Name');
 description : localized String;
 availability : Integer;
 storage_capacity : Integer;
 criticality : Integer;
 price : Decimal(9, 2);
 currency : Currency;
 supplier : Association to Suppliers;
 image_url : String;

entity Suppliers {
 key ID : UUID;
 identifier : String;
 name : String;
 phone : String;
 building : String;
 street : String @multiline;
 postCode : String;
 city : String;
 country : String;
 products : Composition of many Products
 on products.supplier = $self;

Next we create the .csv files for data in the data folder underdb folder. We can create all four files now or leave the currencies file for later as they are needed for the SAP Fiori development.

Below is the data for the four files in sequence.

  • hc450.officesupplies-Products.csv
  • hc450.officesupplies-Suppliers.csv
  • sap.common-Currencies.csv
  • sap.common.Currencies_texts.csv
The file names are case sensitive as they need to be associated with the tables later. Also notice here the usage of namespace before the file name.
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