Using Marketplace Data Resources

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Find data resources in the Marketplace
  • Create and share a data resource

Data Resources in the Marketplace

SAP Build Apps provides some example data resources that may be useful for your projects or give you sample data for testing.

In addition, you may have data that is reused in many projects and want to create a simple way to reuse it instead of defining the data resource in each project.

Example Data Resources

  1. Open the Data tab.
  2. Choose SAP Build Apps classic data entitiesCreate Data EntityMarketplace Search, and you will see the out-of-the-box data resources.
  3. Select RestCountries, and choose Install.
  4. Back on the UI canvas, choose Variables, and create a Data Variable based on RestCountries.
  5. Back on the UI canvas (choose View), select the text component and do the following:
    • Set Repeat With to Data and Data and VariablesData VariableRestCountries1, then choose Save.
    • Set the Content to Data item in repeat, and then select currentname.
  6. Run the app, and you should see a list of countries.

Share Your Data Resources

  1. Use the data resource for Customers, as described in the Create an OData Resource, or you can create one.

    Make sure that the data resource has a description.

  2. On the Data tab, choose the three vertical dots.
  3. Select Publish to marketplace.
  4. Choose PUBLISH NEW.

You and others in your tenant will be able to find this data resource by searching its title or description.

You will get a GUID to the new data resource in the marketplace. You can always use that to uniquely identify and search for the data resource. Of course, your users can search for the component by the description and name.

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