Exercise: Implementing an Extension Using Key User and Developer Extensibility ​

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Implement a Key-User and Developer Extensibility at the item level for a purchase requisition

Implement a Key-User and Developer Extensibility

Business Scenario

You login with the role Purchaser in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for your daily activities and access Manage Purchase Requisitions app. You have a new requirement when managing/updating the previously created Purchase Requisitions:

  • A new standard field ‘Desired Supplier’ needs to be added to the standard Purchase Requisition at the item level under the General Information tab.
  • The following business conditions are to be added to the purchase requisition when updating:
    • The purchase requisition document type is ‘NB’.
    • The field Desired Supplier is to be validated against an existing supplier.
    • In case user picks any other supplier, a warning message needs to be displayed.
    • Users can use this as a desired supplier, or can continue to use another and save purchase requisition.

Solution Approach

  • Extend the existing Manage Purchase Requisitions app at item level via Key-User Extensibility with an existing standard field ‘Desired Supplier’ available from the backend source.
  • Implement existing enhancement spot MM_PUR_S4_PR with an existing BADI definition MM_PUR_S4_PR_MODIFY_ITEM.
  • Create a BAdI enhancement implementation.
  • Add the new BAdI implementation for the BAdI definition MM_PUR_S4_PR_MODIFY_ITEM.
  • Create a new implementing Class.
  • Add the logic inside the implementing class.


  1. Extend the standard Manage Purchase Requisitions app at the line-item level. Include a new standard field ‘Desired Supplier’.  Add this field in the ‘General Tab’ section at the line-item level. 

  2. The scenario we are working on is a change scenario; hence we need to find out a BAdI that can be used at the item level in a purchase requisition. 

  3. Create the BAdI Enhancement Implementation. 

  4. Test your implemented code by changing an existing purchase requisition via Manage Purchase Requisitions app. 


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