Creating a New Project

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a new development project

Create a New Development Project

Business Scenario

Your company is planning to develop a set of cloud-based applications based on the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), and these applications will be deployed to SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as extension applications for the SAP core back-end systems.

In this exercise, you will perform the following task: Create a new development project.

Now you can start the development of your application. First you will create a new project for your new application. Projects can be created from SAP Business Application Studio directly or, optionally, from the SAP Build Lobby. In this exercise, you will create the new project from SAP Business Application Studio directly.


Note that some of the services that this learning journey links to, can incur costs.

If you are concerned about charges, you can opt to skip the corresponding exercises and watch the simulation instead.

Exercise Options

You can perform this exercise in two ways:

  1. Live Environment: by using the instructions provided below, you can perform the steps in your SAP BTP account.
  2. Platform Simulation: follow the step-by-step instructions within the simulation.
We strongly recommend to perform the steps in the live environment first.

The following simulation reproduces the full exercise execution:

Task 1: Create a New Dev Space in SAP Business Application Studio


  1. Create a new dev space.

    Use the following data:

    Name(of your choice, for example) RisksManagmentDevSpace

    1. Select the subaccount you created using the setup of SAP Business Application Studio in the exercise Set up your account for full-stack application development using productivity tools in SAP Business Application Studio.

    2. Expand Services.

    3. Choose Instances and Subscriptions.

    4. Choose SAP Business Application Studio.

    5. Choose Go to Application.

    6. From the SAP Business Application Studio home-page or Dev Space's manager, choose Create Dev Space.

    7. Enter a name for the dev space (for example, RisksManagmentDevSpace).

    8. Choose the Full Stack Application Using Productivity Tools type.

    9. Choose Create Dev Space.

    10. Wait until the dev space status becomes Running.

Task 2: Create a New Project


  1. Create a new project.

    Use the following data:

    Name(of your choice, for example) RiskManagement

    1. Open the dev space by choosing dev space name link.

    2. Wait for the SAP Business Application Studio IDE loading to come to an end.

      You will see a notification on the lower right side with the text We have finished installing all tools and templates for you, enjoy your work!)


      By default SAP Business Application Studio opens with a dark theme. For better readability we use a light theme in this Learning Journey. You can adapt the themes by selecting the Manage button on the lower right side of your screen. Then choose Themes and Color Theme. This will open a list where you can select which theme you would like to use.

    3. Open the Project Explorer.

    4. From the Project Explorer select the Create Project button.

    5. Select Generator Full-Stack Project (Productivity Toolkit) and choose the Start button.

    6. Enter a Project Name of your choice, for example RiskManagement and choose Finish.

    7. Wait for the project creation process to complete (once the IDE reloading is completed).

    Your project is now created, and ready to start your next development task.

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