Sharing the Project via Git

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Share your project

Share Your Project

Business Scenario

We're in the process of developing a cloud application based on a variety of SAP Technologies, from database services, to user interfaces, including SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), SAP Fiori, SAP Mobile Development Kit (MDK), and others. As the project becomes more complex, more developers will need to collaborate and contribute to the project. Therefore, it is necessary to find an efficient way of sharing the project. In this case, you will use a remote Git repository to achieve that.

In this exercise, you will perform the following tasks:

  • Enable project sharing on your project by pushing it to a remote Git repository.
  • Sharing your project with other users so that they can access your project via URL sharing.


  • You have successfully completed at least until exercise: Add sample data.
  • You have set up a Git account in your Git provider.
  • You have set up an empty remote Git repository.
  • You have permission to add new collaborators to your Git repository.

Note that some of the services that this learning journey links to, can incur costs.

If you are concerned about charges, you can opt to skip the corresponding exercises and watch the simulation instead.

Exercise Options

You can perform this exercise in two ways:

  1. Live Environment – by using the instructions provided below, you can perform the steps in your SAP BTP account.
  2. Platform Simulation – follow the step-by-step instructions within the simulation.
We strongly recommend to perform the steps in the live environment first.

The following simulation reproduces the full exercise execution:

Task 1: Share your Project


  1. Share your project.

    1. Go to the Home tab. On the right top corner of the Home tab, you'll find the Share and Sync button.

    2. Choose the Share and Sync button, and a context menu will show up.

      At present, only one menu item will be enabled, Enable Project Sharing. The rest of the menu items will be disabled until you have completed the project sharing process.

  2. Start the process of sharing your project to a remote Git repository.

    Share with users you want.

    1. Choose the Enable Project Sharing.

      This will open a new Share tab to share your project.

    2. Enter the URL to an empty remote Git repository, and choose Enable Sharing button:

    3. You will be prompted to enter your Git credentials:

    4. Enter your credentials and continue.


      Note that depending on the git service provider you use a token might be required instead of a password (valid -for example- for GitHub).

    5. This will put your project in to a local Git repository, and push it to the remote Git repository that you provided.

    6. A Share page will appear to allow you to share your project with other users, it will have a URL that you can copy and share with other users.


      In order for other users to be able to clone and push changes to your remote Git repository, you need to make sure to also give them access in your Git provider's settings.

  3. Check the success of the sharing.

    1. Choose the Share and Sync button in the Home tab of the application again, and you will now see all the actions are enabled.

      Here's a brief explanation of the function of each action:

      • The badge number in the top right corner signifies the number of pending local changes you have that you can submit to the Git repository via the Submit Changes action.
      • Get Changes allows you to update your local codes with your collaborators' changes.
      • Copy Project Link allows you to copy a link that can be shared with collaborators, and they can open it directly in the browser.

Reference Links: Sharing a Project

You find more information about sharing a project here: Sharing and Syncing Your Applications

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