Using SAP Fiori Elements: Get to Know the Benefits


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain the benefits of using SAP Fiori elements.

Benefits of SAP Fiori Elements

Development Efficiency

  • Developers can focus on business logic and back-end services

  • Write less JavaScript UI code

  • Less development and maintenance costs

Enterprise Readiness

  • Deliver high-quality SAP Fiori applications for end users

  • Produce enterprise-ready SAPUI5 applications (accessibility support, internationalization, multi-device support, translation support, storing and restoring of application state, UI performance, security, and more)

UX Consistency

  • Predefined floorplans that suit most business scenarios

  • Complies with the latest SAP Fiori design specifications for SAPUI5-based web apps

  • Includes a uniform layout, navigation, filtering, search, message handling, and more, across your SAP Fiori elements apps

Rich Tool Support

SAP Fiori tools assists you with the configuration of your SAP Fiori elements app. SAP Fiori tools are available as extensions in the app development environment such as Visual Studio Code or SAP Business Application Studio.

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