Using the Functionality Options on Different Tabs

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use the functionality options on different tabs

Support for Serialization

The RFC Parameters tab page has options that enable you to set serialization, packaging, queue processing, and Secure Network Communication (SNC).

For the SNC option, choose manual in the RFC Client Parameters field.

Intermediate Document (IDoc) Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE) provides support for serialization in the following ways:

  • Increased Exactly Once In Order (EOIO) support through IDOC_INBOUND_IN_QUEUE, IDoc serialization, or queued Remote Function Call (qRFC)

  • IDocs received through qRFC interface mapped to EOIO Quality of Service (QoS) and the other way round

Support for IDoc Packaging and Secure Network Communication (SNC)

IDoc AAE provides the following support for IDoc packaging:

  • ALEAUD packages.

  • IDoc packaging on receiver side sends multiple IDocs at once.

  • Packaging support is introduced at IDoc outbound side.

  • The adapter waits for IDocs to arrive and form a package before sending to the back-end system.

  • Improves performance.

  • Maximum package size is specified in receiver channel through package size field.

SNC provides support for increased security for IDoc-based use cases.


The Module tab page contains the SET FLAT File conversion option.

The Intermediate Document (IDoc) flat file module supports the following features:

  • FlatToXML and XMLToFlat adapter modules introduced the help facility in SAP Process Integration (PI) 7.11 to work with IDoc flat files

  • SAP PI as of 7.31 supports multiple IDocs in a single file (IDoc packages)

Dynamic Control Records

Dynamic control records provide the following features:

  • In SAP Process Integration (PI) 7.30, the Intermediate Document (IDoc) adapter creates control records from information that is present in the IDoc XML payload and adapter-specific attributes of SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure party or service.

  • As of SAP Process Integration 7.31, default values can be overwritten by configuring values in the corresponding receiver channel.

  • The restriction that the sender service needs to be a business component or SAP business system is removed.

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