Describing Cloud Foundry in an Overview

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Cloud Foundry environment

Cloud Foundry Overview

Usage Scenario

Your company plans to use and develop a set of cloud-based applications. They have decided to use the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment for this purpose. As a developer in the Cloud Foundry environment, you need to get an overview of the basic terms.

Cloud Foundry Environment

The Cloud Foundry environment allows you to create polyglot cloud applications in Cloud Foundry. It contains the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime service, which is based on the open-source application platform managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

The Cloud Foundry environment enables you to develop new business applications and business services, supporting multiple runtimes, programming languages, libraries, and services. You can leverage a multitude of build packs, including community innovations and self-developed build packs.

Special Considerations for the Cloud Foundry Environment

In addition to global accounts and subaccounts, the Cloud Foundry environment includes another hierarchical level represented by orgs and spaces.

When you enable the Cloud Foundry environment in one of your subaccounts, the system automatically creates a Cloud Foundry org for you. The subaccount and the org have a 1:1 relationship and the same navigation level in the cockpit (even though they may have different names). You can create multiple spaces within that Cloud Foundry org. Spaces let you further break down your account model and use services and functions in the Cloud Foundry environment. There is no limit to how many spaces you can have within one org.

You can use both subaccounts and spaces to develop applications and to use services. You must therefore decide, for example, whether to create different subaccounts or spaces within one subaccount to set up a staged development environment.

In the Cloud Foundry environment, you deploy applications and consume services at space level. Similar to subaccounts, spaces enable you to once again structure and sub-divide quota if you want to. You can do this by managing space quota plans.


You now understand the key terms of the Cloud Foundry environment and the relationship between subaccount, org, and spaces in the Cloud Foundry environment. When you enable Cloud Foundry in a subaccount, you create a Cloud Foundry org in which you can then create multiple spaces. Each subaccount can contain only one Cloud Foundry org. There is no limit to how many spaces you can have within one org.

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