Differentiating the SAP BTP Commercial Models

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the two SAP BTP commercial models

SAP BTP Commercial Models

Your company wants to develop extension and integration scenarios on the SAP Business Technology Platform. To be able to get started productively, you require a contract with SAP. There are different commercial models available, tailored to different usage types.

Two Commercial Models

There are two types of commercial models that differ in the usage type.

What are Cloud Credits?

  • Cloud credits are a pre-paid commitment for the consumption of SAP cloud services in a defined period. Unused cloud credits expire at the end of the phase and contract year
  • Cloud credits are subject to discount
  • Purchasing of top-up cloud credits at any point of time

Overview - Price List

Check Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement Price List for currently valid CPEA price lists per country.

The figure above shows an example of the ABAP environment CPEA price list for Germany as of August 2021.


SAP BTP licensing can be done via two different commercial models. The subscription-based model is suitable when you work on a case-related basis, where you know exactly what you need. This model is technically and organizationally inflexible. The consumption-based models, CPEA and Pay-as-you-Go, are suitable when you want to use all services or keep all options open. You either pay a base price, cloud credits, for a certain period and can then use all the available services or you go for the on-demand approach and only pay when you actually want to use a service. This approach is technically and organizationally very flexible.

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