Explaining the Key Integration Principles for the Intelligent Enterprise

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the principles, components, and capabilities of SAP Integration Suite

Key Integration Principles for the Intelligent Enterprise

Usage Scenario

Your company is on the journey to transform into an intelligent enterprise. You have a very heterogeneous software landscape, consisting of SAP and non-SAP components. These different systems and services have different operational models and interfaces for communication. Nevertheless, you identify integration between the components as an integral part of your company's transformation. The SAP Integration Suite helps you cope with this transformation.

The Integration Strategy of SAP

SAP bases its integration strategy for the Intelligent Enterprise on four principles:

  • Out-of-the-Box Integration
  • Open Integration
  • Holistic Integration
  • AI-Driven Integration
Out-of-the-Box Integration

SAP software supports end-to-end business processes, including out-of-the-box integrations, enabled by a standardized application and technology portfolio. Prepackaged integration content for SAP Integration Suite builds the foundation for integrating applications of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Open Integration

Besides SAP-to-SAP integrations, SAP is open for any third-party integration as well as custom extensions. The foundation for open integration is based on public APIs. With the SAP Business Technology Platform Open Connectors service, SAP provides feature-rich, pre-built connectors for more than 150 non-SAP applications.

Holistic Integration

SAP provides a holistic integration technology portfolio that covers all flavors of integration. Based on SAP Integration Suite and SAP HANA Data Management Suite, SAP supports all types of integration use cases, ranging from process, data, user, and IoT to analytic-centric integration. A methodology helps enterprise architects shape their integration strategies, which can include integration technologies from SAP and third parties.

AI-Driven Integration

In addition to bringing intelligence into core business processes, SAP is using AI techniques to simplify the development of integration scenarios. One example is the SAP Integration Advisor service for SAP Integration Suite. Its crowd-based machine learning approach enables users to define, maintain, share, and deploy B2B and A2A integration content much faster than building it from scratch. Further uses of artificial intelligence in other areas of integration, such as for integration monitoring, are planned.

SAP Integration Suite

SAP Integration Suite

Watch this video to learn more about the SAP Integration Suite.

SAP Integration Suite Capabilities

As shown in the following figure, the SAP Integration Suite service on SAP BTP contains four core capabilities.


The four key principles of the SAP integration strategy are:

  • Out-of-the-box integration
  • Open integration
  • Holistic integration
  • AI-driven integration

The SAP Integration Suite is a versatile and enterprise-grade integration platform covering all integration styles and patterns, such as A2A, B2B / EDI, B2G, APIs, data, events, digital integration hub, and others. It offers out-of-the-box integration packs, APIs, events, and domain models to jump-start your integration projects as well as a rich set of connectivity options and standard adapters for A2A, B2B / EDI and B2G integration, including 170+ non-SAP SaaS connectors. The suite is a fully vendor-managed multi-cloud service in major hyperscalers and provides the flexibility to run the same integration artifacts across multiple environments. Moreover, integration is further simplified through the power of artificial intelligence.

While the SAP Integration Suite, as a concept, consists of nine components, the Integration Suite Service on SAP BTP offers four core capabilities:

  • SAP API Management
  • SAP Integration Advisor
  • SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Open Connectors

Further Reading

You can also take advantage of SAP's CLD900 instructor-led-training course for a more extensive introduction to SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite.

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