Explaining Connectivity in SAP BTP

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Connectivity in SAP BTP

Connectivity in SAP BTP


Connectivity in SAP BTP provides two services for the Cloud Foundry environment:

  • The Connectivity service.
  • The Destination service.

The Connectivity service provides a connectivity proxy that can be used to access on-premise resources. Using the Destination service, you can retrieve and store the technical information about the target resource (destination) that you need to connect your application to a remote service or system.

In the following, only the Cloud Foundry runtime is explained. In principle, there are two types of connections to and from the SAP BTP:

  • Internet Connectivity uses Destination service.
  • Cloud to On-Premise Connectivity uses Destination service and Connectivity service.

The upper part of the image Connectivity depicts the SAP BTP while the lower part depicts the remote systems and services to be connected. The Internet Connectivity can be reached via HTTPS, while the connection to an on-premise system requires the Cloud Connector. The communication is bi-directional.

Read more: https://help.sap.com/viewer/cca91383641e40ffbe03bdc78f00f681/Cloud/en-US/e54cc8fbbb571014beb5caaf6aa31280.html

Connectivity: Cloud Connector

The Cloud Connector:

  • Serves as a link between SAP BTP applications and on-premise systems:
    • Combines an easy setup with a clear configuration of the systems that are exposed to the SAP BTP.
    • Lets you use existing on-premise assets without exposing the entire internal landscape.
  • Acts as a reverse invoke proxy between the on-premise network and SAP BTP.
  • Provides fine-grained control over:
    • On-premise systems and resources that can be accessed by cloud applications.
    • Cloud applications using the Cloud Connector.
  • Lets you use the features that are required for business-critical enterprise scenarios:
    • Recovers broken connections automatically.
    • Provides audit logging of inbound traffic and configuration changes.
    • Can be run in a high-availability setup.

The Cloud Connector connects SAP backends to SAP BTP subaccounts via an encrypted tunnel. The connection is bidirectional. From an architectural point of view, the Cloud Connector is a possible single point of failure. For this purpose, there is also the possibility of high availability, monitoring, alerting, and more.

Key takeaways of this unit

With the Application Development capabilities (SAP CAP, SAP RAP, SAP Conversational AI, UI Adaption, …) of the SAP Business Technology Platform, you can write extensions and complete custom developments. You can use SAP BTP for many other uses. For example, you can integrate solutions with the SAP Integration Suite, or manage your data to add value with data services and analytics capabilities. SAP BTP offers additional connectivity capabilities enabling you to connect cloud to on-premise software. You can even use destinations to connect cloud solutions with external services. A key user or administrator can gain knowledge of the account structure of SAP BTP with global accounts, directories, subaccounts, environments, and more. This user or administrator can define all entitlements of the SAP BTP accounts.

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