Explaining SAP AI Business Services

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

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SAP AI Business Services

SAP AI Business Services Overview

SAP AI Business Services provide strategic services and applications that automate and optimize corporate processes and enrich customer experience across the intelligent, sustainable enterprise. They are provided as re-usable services for SAP Business Technology Platform customers.

Learn more about SAP AI Business Services in the official product documentation: https://help.sap.com/docs/SAP_AI_BUS?locale=en-US

SAP AI Business Service: Example

As an example we cover the document classification and the document information extraction from SAP AI Business Services in the following sections.

Document Classification

Low process efficiency due to increasing paper and document-based communications make daily business of many companies much more complicated that it should be. This is where SAP AI Business Services - Document Classification comes in. Document Classification is a machine learning based cloud service that automatically classifies customer specific PDF documents. To work properly, the machine learning model has to be configured with data sets with pre-defined documents.

In general, Document Classification takes advantages of neuron-linguistic programming methods such as:

  • Optical character Recognition (for extracting texts from documents)
  • Text Classification Algorithms to train and classify

And, it has an automatic hyperparameter (search that finds the best model). Once the model is available, conclusions for future documents can be made. Documents can be assigned into corresponding classes and probabilities can be calculated.

For example: If a new e-mail arrives in your inbox, Document Classification automatically opens and classifies it.

Learn more about SAP AI Business Services: Document Classification in the official product documentation: https://help.sap.com/docs/DOCUMENT_CLASSIFICATION?locale=en-US&version=SHIP

Document Information Extraction

Many employees struggle with time consuming unstructured documents. With the use of the SAP AI Business Services: Document Information Extraction, not only time can be saved, but also the efficiency can be improved, costs for shared services can be reduced, and the productivity of processing data can be increased. With Document Information Extraction, unstructured data will be transformed into structured information by using AI-based document processing as well as embedding information into your business processes for instant value.

In several steps, relevant information, such as quantities, currencies, dates, or line items, are extracted from documents, enriched with relevant business data to finally embed the generated information into existing systems and processes. After a document is uploaded, the extraction results are returned form the header fields and line items. As an example, the extracted data can be used to automatically verify that invoice and payment match.

Before using Document Information Extraction, employees are often spending most of their time processing large amounts of incoming invoices from various suppliers. In order to process these invoices, they have to read through them, make themselves familiar with the context, and maintain needed or missing data, such as invoice number or currency, in the corresponding accounting system. Document Information Extraction reduces this overhead. It automatically extracts relevant data from the invoice and enriches the extracted data with additional information, such as by matching the sender information from the invoice to supplier master data.

Learn more about SAP AI Business Services: Document Information Extraction in the official product documentation: https://help.sap.com/docs/DOCUMENT_INFORMATION_EXTRACTION?locale=en-US

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