Planning and Prediction with SAP Analytics Cloud

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

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SAP Analytics Cloud

Over the years, analyzing data has evolved from IT doing most of the analysis and then pushing the results to business users, to business users analyzing the data themselves. SAP Analytics Cloud continues that evolution as a cloud-based, self-service business intelligence solution with integrated planning and predictive capabilities. End users can easily create their own ad-hoc reports and dashboards, and IT can create and manage more targeted and defined web applications that can function as formal reports and dashboards.

SAP Analytics Cloud's planning functionality addresses a large set of planning use cases, from departmental planning needs to corporate financial planning. We have also included predictive and collaboration capabilities to create a very rich self-service environment for a wide range of users.

The Collaboration features in SAP Analytics Cloud are designed to make working as a team easy and intuitive, regardless of the team members' locations.

And just like most SAP solutions, SAP Analytics Cloud comes with business content made available out-of-the-box. This content can be customized according to unique business requirements, but can help save development time for common analysis and reporting needs.

SAP Analytics Cloud is one simple cloud solution connecting your people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision making. You can even provide access to on-premise analytics content, including the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite and third-party solutions. And being cloud-based means that users need only a browser and appropriate SAP Analytics Cloud access to work with SAP Analytics Cloud on either a computer or a mobile device.

SAP Analytics Cloud currently offers four primary means for analyzing, reporting, and summarizing data:

Digital Boardroom
Monitor your business performance with real-time insights in one central location.
Easily create interactive visualizations and reports that allow filtering and drilling into data, regardless of volume size.
Analytic Applications
Create sophisticated, centrally governable analytic content - from guided analytics to sophisticated planning and smart applications.
Microsoft Office Integration
Use Microsoft Excel as the front-end to SAP Analytics Cloud data models; it is available for either Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365.

Automatically gain insight from any level of detail with augmented analytics features powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Accelerate growth by automatically discovering the key influencers of past results to simulate future scenarios and predict outcomes.

With SAP Analytics Cloud's planning capabilities, you can deliver timely plans, budgets, forecasts, and reports with greater speed and. Automate forecasts at any level of your plans to save time and gain trusted results with predictive analytics and machine learning. Simulate multiple outcomes to see the impact of your business drivers in a sandbox environment. Use private versions to collaborate with teams on what-if analysis.

SAP Analytics Cloud's Platform Services are the administrative arms of SAP Analytics Cloud. They provide governance for data connectivity, preparation, and modeling as well as Lifecycle Management, auditing, and other functional platform services.

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