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After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Discover Low-Code/No-Code
  • Explain SAP Build
  • Explain SAP Build Apps
  • Explain SAP Build Process Automation
  • Explain SAP Build Work Zone

Low Code/No Code (LC/NC)

Low-Code/No-Code (LC/NC)

The case for low-code/no-code development (citizen development) is a disruptive solution to address the gap in technical expertise, especially that of professional developers, that exists in the world today. It offers a great way to foster a culture of innovation. Combined with new low-code/no-code enterprise technology, it gives power to those who don't write code but who have a good understanding of business needs and challenges. It is these people who can now build automations and extensions that help in better addressing the requirements of their everyday work, while at the same time reducing the risks of human errors and offering better customer experiences.

Simply put, no-code development is primarily intended for those who aren't comfortable with coding their own software – even those who have no knowledge of programming and application development. Using low-code development is more complex than no-code, but it is not quite as complicated as having to write actual code in a programming language.

No-code development is primarily intended to help employees that are process experts to automate tasks, build applications, or otherwise optimize their own business activities.

Professional developers use no-code tools to accelerate their basic development work so that they can focus on more complicated concepts.

Low-code development is designed to allow employees with software knowledge, such as process development experts and professional developers, to build and integrate end-user processes and applications, and to create WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) building blocks for no-code development.

Today's main takeaway is simple. LCNC development can help citizen developers, professional developers, and IT administrators automate certain tasks in virtually every department and in every line of business. This means they are saving time and money, increasing customer satisfaction, and allowing employees to more time to focus on value-adding tasks and increasing their satisfaction.

Unified Development Experience Supporting the Developer Continuum

A citizen developer can start their projects and build apps and extensions through the SAP Business Application Studio or SAP Build. SAP Build is for composing mobile applications, creating automations or designing business sites without any line of code in an visual editor. SAP Business Application Studio offers a range of UI-based tools for developers to enhance their software development experience with low-code or no-code capabilities.

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SAP Build

SAP Build Capabilities

SAP Build Components

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SAP Build Apps

SAP Build Apps Capabilities

In SAP Build, SAP Build Apps stands out to provide a unique development experience with rapid innovation through a simple way to build adapted apps which you can add on top of your SAP solutions. It provides support in a fast-moving world in which companies must adapt and innovate ever more quickly. SAP Build Apps makes it possible with No-Code for anyone to participate together in digital transformation and innovation.

It doesn't matter whether it's a small app with an HR function (for example, for recruiting or certification) for your own team or a supporting app is being developed for a better customer experience (for example, for customer self-service or field service). There are almost unlimited possibilities and use cases with the goal to increase development efficiency, while eliminating coding effort with the help of, for example, simple drag-and-drop app composition, and deploy them on any device.

SAP Build Apps provides the possibility to easily create apps by using a lot of functionalities and services. One of the most characteristic features is the drag-and-drop functionality. With this, it is possible to build UIs without any developer experience. Furthermore, it is possible to create any logic with visual flow functions. Due to the logic visualization and the opportunity to use individual style properties and advanced theming support, a clear development and user experience is provided. This is also supported by the aspect that the apps works on web, iOS, and Android and a native runtime is optimized for each platform. Another benefit is that a library for even more components is integrated, which is constantly being updated and thus enables the rapid building of apps that fits your needs.

A major advantage is the seamless integration and connection of business data and business processes from SAP and third-party systems with the help of an open and trustworthy enterprise platform where security and governance are included. SAP Build Apps is sitting on top of the SAP Business Technology Platform. It is easy to access and bind your data and other data to the user interface due OData APIs and REST APIs. You can explore and use OData APIs with a few clicks and set up custom connectors to any external REST API with the help of an integration assistant. But, it is also possible to store and manage offline data on the device to use it for your apps.

In addition, the efficient processing of data is enabled via formulas and over 500 predefined functions, supported with search function and example use cases. This allows you, for example, to perform calculations, format text, affect objects and lists, or to construct dynamic styles and so on.

With SAP Build Apps you can speed up the design process by leveraging a large library of customizable user interface components; build app logic visually from built-in formula functions; integrate modern APIs in minutes with the REST integration wizard​ in SAP Build Apps; connect with the SAP Service Cloud solution to build custom UIs that extend the solution's functionalities; and build apps for all form factors with a native runtime optimized for each device.

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SAP Build Process Automation

SAP Build Process Automation: Overview

SAP Build Process Automation combines capabilities from the SAP Workflow Management and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services with an intuitive citizen developer experience.

This enables organizations and companies to manage the automation of workflows and processes using visual features that require no coding expertise.

As a result, organizations’ capacity to drive process automation is increased by empowering business experts to become citizen developers. Leveraging the power of no-code, citizen developers can build, adapt, improve, and innovate business processes with minimum assistance from scarce IT resources.

SAP Build Process Automation: Big Picture

SAP Build Process Automation has the new citizen automation user experience through capabilities like the process builder or the forms builder. All advanced workflow management capabilities like business rules, process visibility, process flexibility, and AI are also available. You can enrich your automations through embedded robotic process automation features. There are reusable artifacts like bots and workflow components ready to use. The citizen developer has the task center and a launchpad to control their applications and automations.

Besides that, SAP Build Process Automation offers the possibility to enhance the process automation with application development capabilities, whether it's citizen app development or pro-code development through interfaces and APIs.

It is also possible to combine SAP Build Process Automation with experience management by Qualtrics or business process management software like SAP Signavio.

SAP Build Process Automation: Example

You can access the workflow capabilities and the process automation capabilities in one solution, one language, and one look and feel.

Learn more about SAP Build Process Automation here:

SAP Build Work Zone

Need for SAP Build Work Zone

You can use SAP Build Work Zone for building digital workplace solutions to increase user productivity and engagement. SAP Build Work Zone centralizes access to relevant business applications, processes, information, and communication in a unified entry point that users can access from any device. You can also create an outstanding user experience for business application users that intelligently surfaces application content and simplifies business processes to drive employee engagement, focus, and productivity. It's easy to use and administer and helps people access the information they need.

Provide an intranet that is customizable and user-friendly

Provide rapid and easy access to the intranet by drag-and-drop customization for integration with SAP applications and services.

Increase productivity of your employees

Shorten the time required to find information and locate experts to allow work to be performed more rapidly and more efficiently.

Enable your employees to become self-sufficient

Permit employees or teams and departments to intercommunicate without having to contact IT for assistance.

Streamline business processes to reduce errors

Streamline and automate processes by employing SAP Business Technology Platform.

Reduce complexity of tasks with guided employee experiences

Help employees complete complex tasks and forms by providing step-by-step instructions, tips, and guidance to get things done right the first time.

Provide mobile-ready access to field and remote users

Provide easy access for your entire organization – including people who are not in an office or do not have a dedicated computer or mobile device.

SAP Build Work Zone Capabilities

SAP Build Work Zone offers a variety of ways to extend and enrich the digital workplace by integrating SAP's solutions. Through the interaction of all elements of SAP Build is the best case for a powerful collaboration and integration in one centralized experience possible.

With SAP Build Work Zone, you can integrate with other SAP and external applications on-premise and cloud. So, you can integrate with third-party applications such as SharePoint Online for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. In addition, you can integrate SAP Build apps with the applications you build yourself and even more tailored to your users, and increase the work experience and efficiency even more. Create a dynamic, modern, and personalized user experience, using tools that require minimum coding.

Depending on what you need, you can choose between the standard and advanced version. Extend SAP Work Zone according to your business needs with SAP BTP services. But there are even more possibilities. Administrators and users can benefit from a wide range of options to share information and interact with each other, for example, blogs, multimedia, surveys, polls, wiki pages, events, knowledge base articles, tasks, and feeds.

Learn more about SAP Build Work Zone here:

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