Identifying and Creating Leads​

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a lead, set up lead alerts, and manage leads to quickly and effectively convert the lead into an opportunity.

How to Create a Lead

Leads can be generated from different sources such as marketing campaigns, referrals, and social media.  Any unprocessed contract or company information you collect can become a lead.  Leads can be created in the following ways: Manually from the quick create icon or Sales Campaign work center, imported from Microsoft Excel, Uploaded through SAP Cloud for Customer APIs, by scanning a business on your mobile device, or by copying existing leads. Let’s look at how to create a lead.

Lead Status and Qualification

Let’s discuss lead status.​

Click on each icon to learn more about Lead Status.

How to Qualify a Lead

Lead qualification is a process where you figure out what your prospects need and how likely they will purchase your products or service.

Transferring a Lead to Sales

When a lead is transferred to the sales team, the information contained in the lead is passed on to a sales employee. This employee then decides whether the lead is good enough to warrant creating an opportunity.​

Click on the link to learn more. ​

Lead Aging Alerts

If a lead remains too long in a certain phase, then it is said to be aging. In this case, the system notifies the sales representative directly or manager of the sales representative who is responsible for the lead. This type of notification has high priority as a default. The default priority for these notifications is high and expires automatically after 10 days. Business tasks can be modified to control how the system behaves when fine tuning lead aging notifications. 

Let's take a look at how to set up a Lead Aging Alert. ​

Convert a Lead to an Opportunity

Now we'll look at how to convert a Lead to an Opportunity.  This is the last step of a lead lifecycle.  ​

We have now created our lead and explored options of lead management. Next, we'll convert the lead into a sales opportunity. 

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