Managing Recurring Service

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Display service order templates and maintenance plans
  • Explain the concept of maintenance plan scheduling

Service Order Creation

The Bike Company offers its customers a 2-year recurring maintenance service. Suzanna explains to Ivan which steps are necessary to create the corresponding service orders.

Service Order Templates

The service department of the Bike Company has to define service order templates for standardized service tasks, for example, a regular bike service.

Service order templates describe a series of individual service activities. You can use service order templates to standardize recurring activities. If you have a service order template, you can create service orders and maintenance plans with minimal effort by referencing the items and processes that were created in the service order template.

You can link reference objects such as pieces of equipment, functional locations, serial numbers, and products to service order templates.

Service order templates also specify the spare parts that are required for routine service tasks and the time needed to perform the work.

For example, if you create a service order for routine work for which all the individual items are already described in a service order template, you only need to specify the service order template and the required dates in the service order. You do not need to enter the individual items, because they are copied from the service order template.

Follow the conversation between Suzanna and Ivan to learn more about the structure of the service order template.

How to Display a Service Order Template

Maintenance Plan

The Bike Company uses currently only single cycle plans to map their recurring service processes. In the future, the Bike Company might also use different forms of maintenance plans, for example, strategy plans.

Single cycle plans are used to manage the service of technical objects, that is, machines and operational systems, which are always inspected or maintained in the same way at fixed intervals.

In this plan, the same bike service is executed every two years:

Figure showing the recurring bike service renewing every 2 years.

Maintenance Plan Structure

The Bike Company needs to define maintenance plans so that service orders are generated every two years. The service orders contain details regarding the service tasks to be accomplished.

The maintenance plan is composed of planning data and maintenance items. It is used for generating maintenance call objects automatically. In SAP S/4HANA Service the maintenance call object service order is currently available.

Tree hierarchy with 3 level. Top level, maintenance plan. Middle level maintenance item(s) and planning data. Under maintenance items(s), technical objects, service contract/service order type, and service order template. Under planning data, Interval (cycle).

A Maintenance Item contains the following information:

  • Reference object
  • Service contract and service contract item
  • Service order template
  • Service order type
  • Object list

The scheduling data contains the following information:

  • Cycle or service interval
  • Scheduling parameters for fine-tuning scheduling
  • List of planned dates and call dates

How to Display a Maintenance Plan

Schedule Maintenance Plans

The Bike Company needs to schedule all maintenance plans regularly to generate recurring service orders and to update planned dates for future service tasks.

Suzanna will explain the concept of maintenance plans and show you an example of a single cycle plan.

How to Schedule a Maintenance Plan

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