Exporting Reports

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Work with reports offline
  • Export a report to CSV

Exporting Reports

To save a static copy of a report’s results, you should export the report. Saving a static copy of a report gives you a snapshot of your data at a particular point in time. You may also want to export report results to share the information with others who do not have access to your SAP Ariba solution, or simply because you prefer working with Microsoft Excel or CSV files.​

​The process for exporting data from within a report is as simple as choosing Export on the report’s pivot table. By choosing a single button, your data begins to download to Microsoft Excel. You can also export the report results without opening the report. Simply choose the report link and select Export from the menu.​

​The SAP Ariba system uses default configuration settings to dictate how to export the data. The default settings are to export the current contents of the pivot table using a standard Microsoft Excel template. This template determines the layout of the information. You can use another Excel template if desired. ​

Excel Export Requirements and Limitations

  • Microsoft Excel requirements:​
    • Supports Microsoft Excel 2010 as well as previous supported versions of Excel
    • ​Uses an .xls or .xlsx template​
  • Microsoft Excel limitations:
    • ​Max of 1,000,000 rows of exported data in Excel 2007 and 2010​
    • Max of 64,000 rows of exported data in Excel 2003
    • ​250 character per cell limit on data exported to Excel​
  • SAP Ariba limitations:
    • Custom value formatting (like number of decimal places) is not exported

Exporting to CSV

If you know that your data will exceed the row limit allowed by Microsoft Excel, you can either update your report to limit the number of rows, or you can export your data to a .csv file instead of an .xls file. To do this, from the pivot table choose; Actions → Configure Export and select the .csv option. 

  • Good for large amounts of data or when you don’t need the Excel template or just want the raw data​​
  • Use Actions → Configure Export and choose CSV​​
  • Not subject to the limitations of Microsoft Excel export​​
  • Works in all browsers and configurations

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