Ways of Receiving

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the receiving step of the process

Business Use Case Process Flow

Practical Example Procure-to-Pay with Guided Buying Process Flow​

The keyboards I’ve ordered have arrived at my desk. Since our organization utilizes a desktop receiving process, I will be responsible for submitting a goods receipt in SAP Ariba Guided Buying to confirm the keyboards have been received and accepted.

Nandita submits receipt

What is Receiving?

Receiving is simply the acknowledgment by someone that their goods have arrived.​

The process officially starts when the supplier ships the goods and the goods arrive at their location.​

When your system is configured, your administrator defines the details of your receiving process, such as the types of receipts to be used and who is authorized to perform the receiving.​

Receipts can be done manually, automatically, or a combination of both based on configurable business rules.​

SAP Ariba also supports partial receiving, and you can turn on approvals for receipts if necessary.

Receipt Approval Rules

Approval rules determine who will perform manual receiving and who, if anyone, must approve the receipt.​

Depending on their commodity policy, companies can choose between:

  • Desktop receiving, where the receipt is entered by the requester, or 
  • Central receiving, where receipts are performed by a member of a particular group based on a field in the order, like for example the commodity code.

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