Explore Web Intelligence User Interface Elements

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explore the application interface
  • Manipulate Web intelligence document properties

The Web Intelligence Interface

The application has several elements that you can use to create, edit and navigate documents.

See the following video to learn more about the elements.

Application Mode Settings

The application is split between two modes: Reading and Design.

You can switch between both modes using the Edit toggle in the toolbar.

Report Page Navigation

Navigate allows you to change pages, should there be more than one page available in your report.

Print Layout Modes

Depending on how you want to work with data and how you want the data to appear, you can switch between two viewing modes.

In the Design mode, you can switch between Viewing modes using the Show print layout icon in the toolbar. If you're in Reading mode, the icon is in the vanishing toolbar at the bottom of the report canvas. When off, the report is in quick display mode. When on, the report is displayed in print layout.

In Design mode, there are multiple settings you can edit in the Format panel. Make sure no element is selected on the canvas, or you will not see these settings.

Comments Added to a Document

Commenting a report data can be useful if you work on a report with colleagues, or in a validation workflow.

You can see every comment of a report element in the Comments pane. If you hover over the icon of a report element, a tooltip shows either the first or last comment added according to the parameter set in the Document Properties.

Make sure to save the document first before trying to add comments. If you save a document using the Save As method, it's possible to save the comments with the Save document with comments option. The option is disabled by default and grayed out if you don't have the necessary rights to use it.

The table below details the different report elements you can comment on, and provides links about how to do it:

Document Properties

The document properties recaps the properties and options enabled in a document.

Chart Animations

Turn on or off chart animations.

Animations in plots is a way to show relationships and trends in data analysis.

Use animations to visually tell a story.

To enable Chart animations: Show document propertiesDocument OptionsChart animationsYES.

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