Interacting with Documents in Reading Mode

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • View and interact with a Web Intelligence document
  • Distribute Web Intelligence documents

Object Views

Web Intelligence shows complex and varied data in reports that you can understand quickly and easily.

Web Intelligence documents based on queries created in one of several available applications (for example Universe or SAP HANA), are designed in Design mode to be viewed in Reading mode by any number of general or specific groups or individuals.

Viewing Objects

Depending on you user security and access rights set by the BI administrator, when you open a document in Reading mode, there are several actions you can perform:

  • Open, save, print, refresh, export, and send documents.
  • Enable the auto-refresh mode.
  • Track changes in a document.
  • Fold or unfold data.
  • Refine the data displayed using input controls and drilling.

When you view a Web Intelligence document, your access rights and the default settings configured by your administrator determine which data you see.

Document Exports

You can export the current document in a variety of formats.

Report Prints

You can print one or multiple reports from a document. When printing reports, the application generates a PDF file, then you can save or print the file.

  • When printing a report, the application uses the print layout settings and ignores the quick display mode settings.
  • If a report exceeds the size defined in the Layout Settings, page breaks are inserted.
  • The size and orientation for printing can be different for each report in the document.

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