Shared Elements

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a shared element

Shared Elements

Shared elements are reports parts that are stored in the CMS repository, and can be reused multiple times by other users or for other documents.

In order to use shared elements, you must be connected to the BusinessObjects BI Platform.

Because the report element is based on a series of other objects, you also save the definition of the following items when you create a shared element:

  • The report element itself

  • The variables it uses

  • Its data providers, if any

  • Its data sources, if any

  • Its format, if any

When you insert a shared element, all these items are kept and inserted as a whole along with the shared element. Shared elements inserted in a document remain linked to it. If a new version of a shared element is available, it can be updated in the document.

If you have appropriate rights, you can manage shared elements via the Side Panel in the Shared Elements pane and do the following tasks:

  • Create and delete sub-folders

  • Move shared elements from one folder to another

  • Copy and paste shared elements

  • Delete shared elements from the CMS Repository

Create and Use a Shared Element

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