Synchronizing Data

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Synchronize data using merge
  • Merge file-based data to universe data

Results of No Synchronization

Objects that Retrieve Similar Data

The dimension objects in the list come from different universes, so Web Intelligence cannot automatically merge the dimensions. If you try to combine data from the two objects in a single block, Web Intelligence will not automatically be able to interpret the relationship between them.

Manual Merges

See the following video to learn more about synchronizing data from multiple sources.

Rules for Synchronization

Examples of dimension and attribute objects are Store name and Store.

If one object is character-based and the other object is numeric, you cannot link the objects as they do not share a common data format.

Even though the objects FY13 and the 2013 both refer to a year, they are in a different format and therefore have two separate values. Extra spaces in some values can also mean that the objects cannot be merged.

Advantages of Merging File-Based Data

Advantages of Merging Personal Data

There are many possible advantages of merging personal data to universe data, including the ability to do the following:

  • Supplement universe data with additional, pertinent information from a personal data source.
  • Make some data more meaningful by presenting it in a single table or report.
  • Merge common objects from queries on different data sources into a single object.

Synchronize the data from the universe and the local data provider, just like when you combine data from separate universes. Use Merge to select common objects from queries on different data sources and merge them into a single object.

Remember that the objects must be the same data type and retrieve semantically related data in order for them to qualify as merged.

Synchronize Data and Run a Single Query in a Report with Multiple Queries

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