Creating a Contingent Type

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of Contingent Types and how they relate to a Job Posting Template.
  • Create a Contingent Type.

The Job Posting Template

The Job Posting Template is a crucial piece of the contingent labor puzzle. In fact, a user is unable to create a Job Posting in SAP Fieldglass without it. They contain the default values and information fields that appear when a job posting is created.

Templates include such information as rates, supplier distribution lists, and specific rules that need to be applied to related job postings. The manner in which they are configured depends on an organization’s procurement workflows.

Job posting templates are selected at the beginning of the creation of a job posting.

Screenshot of a job posting during creation showing the templates available for selection.

When a user creates a job posting, a template is selected and much of the information is defaulted.

When used in conjunction with Contingent Types, Buyers can set up rules and determine the fields that are visible on job postings for specific contingent labor needs. WorkingNet, for example, can create separate templates to use when hiring network engineers, programmers, accountants, or factory workers. Each template would be configured for the specific position required.

At least one job posting template must be defined before job postings can be created.

Contingent Types

Contingent Types provide the highest level of control available to buyer companies in determining what settings and standards should be used for specific contingent labor positions.

Play the video to learn more about how contingent types drive both job posting templates and the job postings themselves.

Create a Contingent Type

WorkingNet has decided that all contingent labor assignments for their manufacturing division should have Rate Schedules enabled by default to account for flexibility in workers needing to submit their working hours based on a day or night shift at WorkingNet’s manufacturing plant based in the city of Kawasaki, Japan.

As the administrator for WorkingNet, you are now tasked with creating a new Contingent Type that will govern all manufacturing Job Posting Templates.

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