Reviewing Job Seekers

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Review Job Seekers submitted by Suppliers.
  • Explain the Job Seeker Potential Match function.
  • Explain visibility restriction functionality on Job Seekers.
  • Describe the purpose of weighted Qualification scoring.
  • Rate a Job Seeker.
  • Schedule an Interview with a Job Seeker.

Job Seekers

When a Supplier receives a Job Posting as part of the contingent workflow, they have the opportunity to submit candidates, or what SAP Fieldglass labels Job Seekers, for the buyer to review, consider, and determine if they would like to hire against the open position. Once a Job Seeker is submitted, it is the responsibility of the Buyer, the Hiring Manager, and/or PMO office, to conduct a review of that candidate to determine their fit against the defined job requirements.

Review Job Seekers and Potential Matches

In our scenario, we have now created, submitted, and approved a Job Posting in SAP Fieldglass. The Job Posting has been distributed to applicable suppliers, who have submitted candidates for review and consideration. Let’s look at how that Review process is completed on the Buyer side for WorkingNet.

We'll also review an instance where a Job Seeker Potential Match is called out in the Fieldglass application. The Potential Match function flags job seekers who may match the requirements set forth in the job posting.

As part of the PMO team responsibilities, there are several ways Mateo can review job seekers within SAP Fieldglass, but the easiest option is to navigate to the View Menu dropdown.

Restricting the View of Job Seekers

If Mateo wanted to simplify Melanie’s workload by limiting the number of job seekers that Melanie could see, he could restrict her view of submitted job seekers.

Play the video to learn how Mateo can limit the number of job seekers that Melanie sees.

Weighted Qualification Scoring

To help further gauge a candidate’s qualifications for a job, organizations can enable Weighted Qualification Scoring. This is a method that scores a candidate solely on their qualifications; rate and availability are not included in their calculated score.

For example, if there are 3 qualifications defined, each is worth 1/3 of the total score. For 4 qualifications, each qualification is worth 1/4 of the total score, and so on. If the Job Seeker were rated at 4 years of experience on a qualification with a 5-year requirement, the score would be 4/5, or 80%. However, if a candidate has 6 years of experience on a 5-year requirement, that qualification would be scored as 100%, NOT 120%.

Screenshot of a job posting showing a job seeker details with weighted qualification scores.

Rating Job Seekers

Users with the appropriate permissions can manually rate a job seeker at any time using the SAP Fieldglass 5-star rating method. They can also add comments to support their rating.

Ratings are visible to other buyer users with permission to see the job seeker, regardless of whether they can add a rating themselves or not.

Some additional considerations around job seeker ratings:

  • Job Seeker Ratings are not visible to suppliers
  • The Average rating is the average of all the ratings completed by the buyer

Adding a rating to a job seeker record is easy. Follow the steps on the image below to add a rating to a job seeker.

Schedule a Job Seeker Interview

SAP Fieldglass can also be used to schedule interviews with submitted Job Seekers. Interview scheduling can be initiated by the hiring manager or the PMO and can reflect multiple types, dates, and times to ensure effective collaboration with the Buyer and with the Supplier.

Here's how Mateo, from the PMO, schedules an interview between Gabriel, a job seeker, and Melanie, a WorkingNet hiring manager.

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