Revising Work Orders

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Revise a Work Order.
  • Explain why you might need to Edit a Worker.

Revising Work Orders

Work Order revisions are modifications made to the original Work Order assignment in SAP Fieldglass that can be generated by Buyer users for various reasons. Revisions are typically generated by companies in an effort to increase budgetary numbers, update base information such as assignment start/end dates, and any other terms that may need modification for the associated worker assignment.

To revise a work order, select Revise from the Actions dropdown menu in the work order.

Screenshot of a work order with Revise selected in the Actions dropdown menu.

Revise a Work Order

WorkingNet undertakes a minor financial restructure and as a result, decides that Accounting costs should be weighted more heavily on projects than general company overheads. WorkingNet must therefore amend active work orders to mirror company changes. WorkingNet could of course process work order revisions in bulk via an upload, but since there are only a few active work orders affected, the PMO is tasked with making the changes manually.

Mateo volunteers to execute the task and proceeds to makes changes to Gabriel’s work order as follows;

Editing a Worker Record

There may be cases where basic updates need to be made that do not require a work order revision or consequent approvals, and in these situations, buyers and/or suppliers may wish to simply edit the worker record. Changes may include amendments to the worker’s name, invoice adjustments or custom field entries.

To edit a worker, you'd select Edit Worker from the Actions menu in the worker record. The Edit Worker page depicted below will appear. You can then make the necessary adjustments.

Screenshot of a worker record in edit mode.

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