Creating an Invoice Adjustment

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain what an Invoice Adjustment is in SAP Fieldglass.
  • Navigate an invoice adjustment admin object.
  • Create an Invoice Adjustment in SAP Fieldglass.

Invoice Adjustments

Invoice Adjustments allow suppliers to apply financial adjustments to invoices or credit/debit memos.

Invoice adjustments fall into two categories: tax adjustments, which are always a debit that is added to the invoice, and non-tax adjustments, which can be either a debit or a credit to the invoice.

reCrewIT, for example, uses invoice adjustments to include the tax rates for locations in which local governments charge taxes on contingent labor.

Invoice Adjustments, as the name implies, are made directly to invoices.

Navigating the Invoice Adjustment Admin Object

Select Invoice Adjustment from the Financial Data section of the admin menu to view a list of adjustments associated to WorkingNet’s tenant.

Create an Invoice Adjustment

WorkingNet requires specific tax code values, called Goods and Services Taxes, to be calculated and tracked across SOW invoices.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you will create the invoice adjustment required for this purpose.

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