Defining Pick Lists

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain what Pick Lists and Segmented Pick Lists are in SAP Fieldglass.
  • Navigate a Pick List admin object.
  • Add data to a Segmented Pick List in SAP Fieldglass.
  • Explain how to upload Pick List data into SAP Fieldglass.

Pick Lists

Pick Lists are drop-down fields that present users with pre-defined values that they can select. Pick Lists collect the choices that are made available in the dropdown menus.

For example, the Temp Role custom field included on WorkingNet’s job postings is a pick list.

The Temp Role custom field included on WorkingNet’s job postings is a pick list.

Larger lists of related data can be created as segmented pick lists. They allow the buyer to set up the custom field so that the user can only select valid value combinations as they choose each segment. Available options in each segment are dependent on the selection in the previous segment.

Select the Region field on the job posting below to see how segmented pick lists behave.

Navigating the Pick List Admin Object

Select the Pick List admin object from the Configuration section of the admin menu to view the list of pick lists in WorkingNet’s tenant.

Create a Pick List

WorkingNet wants to capture data concerning what they call Business Area when hiring managers create job postings. Their data for this list is tier-based, consisting of information about regions and departments.

Each value that’s available is based on the value of the level above it, which means that it will need to be a segmented pick list.

As the SAP Fieldglass administrator for WorkingNet, you’ll need to create this segmented pick list.

Picklist Uploads

Most pick list values are uploaded via the Pick List Value Upload Connector. This makes it much easier to configure, add, remove, or update pick lists as needed- especially when there are hundreds of values to be maintained.

In order to configure this pick list, we would take the file you see here and upload it into the organization's tenant in SAP Fieldglass. When the file loads successfully, the configuration details for this pick list will look exactly the same as we saw in the UI.

Roll over any of the markers in the image below to learn more. When you're done, select the Next button to learn more about uploading pick lists.

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