Evaluating SOW Bids

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain how Suppliers can respond to an SOW Bid.
  • Describe the options available for comparing SOW Bids.

Supplier Responses to SOW Bid

Similar to an SOW, the supplier can respond to or decline an SOW Bid once received.

Play the video to learn about how suppliers responds to SOW bids.

Viewing and Comparing SOW Bid Responses

Users from WorkingNet with appropriate permissions in their User Role setup can use the SOW Bid Responses tab to view and compare supplier responses. Patricia has received responses from two suppliers in the WorkingNet network, so she will use the Response View dropdown list to toggle between the Characteristics and Questions views.

At this point, Patricia can reject any SOW Bid responses that she no longer wants to consider. Rejecting an SOW bid response sends it back to the supplier, who can then make adjustments on the rejected bid response and resubmit. When rejecting an SOW bid response, Patricia must specify a rejection reason which must be created in the Reason area of the Admin menu.

WorkingNet users with SOW Create permission can create SOWs from the Responses tab on the SOW Bid details page. When Patricia is ready to create an SOW, she will select the supplier, then click Create Statement of Work.

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