Exploring the Configuration Manager

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the Configuration Manager interface in SAP Fieldglass.
  • List the functions of SAP Fieldglass that can be configured using the Configuration Manager.
  • Describe how to access the Configuration Manager interface.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager role allows companies to establish super users who can access integration, system, and maintenance tools via a self-service dashboard in the application.

Like the Admin Menu, Configuration Manager tools are arranged in sections, with individual functions represented as clickable tiles. These tools allow customers to perform many administrative actions independently, eliminating the need to open support cases with SAP Fieldglass.

As these are advanced functions that can impact the use of SAP Fieldglass, they are not automatically enabled for customers. Configuration Manager permissions are separate from and additional to an Administrator user’s permissions.

The Self-Service Dashboard allows users assigned as configuration managers to perform some tasks that would otherwise require an SAP Fieldglass support team.

Navigating Configuration Manager

Select each tile and marker in the interface below to learn more about the functions of the Configuration Manager.

Accessing Configuration Manager

To gain access to the Configuration Manager, a company will first identify users to act as Configuration Managers, usually those who are already SAP Fieldglass admins. The company will then contact their SAP Fieldglass representative, who will assign those users with an additional username with which to access the Configuration Manager tools. The new username will be their current username with underscore "cm" amended to it.

Configuration managers are assigned a separate username that allows them access to the Self-Service Dashboard. That new username is their regular username with "_cm" at the end.

To access the Configuration Manager, users will log in with the new username, which is used strictly to access the Configuration Manager. To access the transactional and other administrative tools, users will need to sign out of SAP Fieldglass then log back in using their original SAP Fieldglass username.

Multiple Configuration Managers can be established per company.

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