Managing SOW Worker Time and Expense Delivery

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe how SOW Workers submit Time and Expense Sheets.
  • Explain how an SOW Worker data items can be used to track equipment.

Time and Expense Sheets

Within the services module in SAP Fieldglass, it is possible to enable time sheet and expense sheet submission for SOW Workers.

Time sheets are particularly useful in SOW-defined projects that include activities that are charged hourly costs, such as with WorkingNet’s data center project. Time sheets can also be used to support equipment tracking in the SOW Module, and we will demonstrate how SAP Fieldglass can support such a requirement.

Expense sheets are used to track costs that are either unanticipated or are costs for which specific amounts could not be determined at the time the SOW was created, such as travel and lodging.

Submit Time and Expense Sheets

Now that SOW Worker, Jamie Turner, is approved and onboarded for the data center expansion SOW, it is time for them to start submitting time sheets and expense sheets to ensure payment for their time worked can be invoiced.

Using SOW Workers to Track Equipment

In some instances, a supplier may determine that to achieve successful delivery of their SOW, not only do they require SOW Workers performing services within their designated roles, but they may need to utilize additional equipment to complete their milestones. In SAP Fieldglass, the SOW worker admin object can be used to track equipment as well as workers.

Play the video to learn more about tracking equipment using the SOW worker admin object.

Default Configuration

When a worker is hired to a role with the equipment flag enabled:

  • The worker is auto-registered with the worker ID as the username.
  • Security ID and Security Information custom fields are not populated and not required.
  • Activity items that apply to SOW workers are generated. Those activity items where the actor is the worker are sent to the supplier.
  • Time sheets are completed by the supplier.
  • A workforce record is created for the worker that can later be used by the supplier to add the equipment to additional SOWs.
  • The equipment workers are listed with the other SOW workers on the SOW Worker tab. The Equipment column can be used to sort the list of workers by type if needed.
  • Amounts incurred on time sheets and expense sheets for equipment will not be counted against the Cap on worker spend.

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