Revising SOWs

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the SOW Revision workflow.
  • Revise an SOW.
  • Approve a Revised SOW.
  • Revise an SOW without approvals.

Managing an Active SOW

The end-to-end lifecycle for an SOW in SAP Fieldglass is anything but linear. While the creation process itself includes collaboration and approvals, managing the SOW once the project is live can also impact the journey that an SOW can take. Ensuring there are approvals and processes in place for revisions that are submitted is crucial to maintaining appropriate oversight before eventually completing, or closing, a given SOW project.

Revising an SOW

A Statement of Work owner may, at times, need to update or modify details of the project while the SOW is active. This could be due to a change in the approved budget, updates to the legal terms within clauses, changes in the details of events or fees, or maybe just due to an initial user error at the time of the SOW’s creation.

These types of changes can be made by either editing the SOW or by creating a formal SOW Revision.

Depending on the organization’s configuration of SAP Fieldglass, SOWs can be revised with or without approvals, though requiring approvals is a standard configuration. SOW change processes that do not require approvals are usually considered the exception.

When a Revision is Required

Some changes to an SOW can be made simply by editing the SOW, but other, more significant changes, require a complete SOW Revision process. Changes to…

  • The Max Budget,*
  • MSP Service Fee,
  • Rules,
  • Clauses,
  • SOW Time Sheet parameters,
  • SOW Worker Roles, and
  • SOW Rates

require the complete revision process as they are deemed considerable changes that could impact cost, contractual legalities and agreements, along with required working hours.

*Max Budget can be configured to require a formal revision only if it is increased. A decrease can be done with a simple edit. This rule is set on the SOW Template.

Revise the SOW

Kiri and Patricia recently met to discuss the status of the data center expansion and agreed that additional time is now required in order to complete the new data center build.

Based on this project update, Patricia will need to increase the budget of the SOW to account for the extended timeline.

Approval of revised SOW

Once Kiri responds to the SOW Revision, Patricia will want to submit the revision for Approval.

Play the video to follow the process of approving a revised SOW.

Revising SOWs without Approval

Some SOW details can be changed without requiring any sort of approval. Changes to such fields as SOW owner, business unit, site, cost center and events or other fields that don’t affect the budget. These fields can be amended without triggering an approval process:

For SOWs that are configured to be "Defined By" Supplier or Buyer-and-Supplier, the template setting 'Allow managing of Management Events, Schedules, Events and Fees after Statement of Work is created' impacts the ability to have SOW characteristics edited. Enabling this rule allows the editing and deletion of fields by the Buyer or Supplier after the SOW is confirmed.

Revise an SOW Without Approvals

Patricia soon realizes that the project timeline needs to be extended.

In this simulation, we will see how she is able revise the SOW without going through an approval process and what specific parts of the SOW are able to be updated without approvals.

To start this process, she begins by navigating to the SOW and selects the Actions menu at the top of the page.

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