Employing Out-of-the-Box Storefronts

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the out-of-the-box storefronts based on different technologies

The out-of-the-box storefronts

SAP Commerce Cloud provides two standard out-of-the-box storefronts:

  1. Spartacus Storefront
  2. Accelerator Storefront

Spartacus - Brief Introduction

As the most important official storefront support going forward, Spartacus is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud.​

Let’s check out the following video to get a brief introduction to Spartacus.​

Spartacus - Demo

After the brief overview of Spartacus features, check out the following video to watch a simple demo of a sample Spartacus storefront.

Please note that any additional content regarding Spartacus is out of scope of this course. If you want to know more:

  • we will publish a unit in the Advanced level course that is coming next​
  • you can attend the standard Spartacus Developer Course


  • or check out the Spartacus Channelon SAP microlearning video platform​ ​


Besides Spartacus, SAP Commerce Accelerator is a ready-to-use web implementation template that enables you to jumpstart your implementation and easily build and maintain a feature-rich and flexible commerce solution.​

However, in alignment with the SAP Commerce mission to provide a modern, headless commerce experience with easier upgrades of back-end functionality, some Accelerator UI are being deprecated since version 2205. Concrete information about the deprecation is here

If you want to know more about accelerators:​

  • You can get a brief introduction to b2c and b2b accelerators in this dedicated lesson in the beginner level course.​
  • We will publish another dedicated lesson with more technical details in the upcoming advanced level course.

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