Introducing the LSA Exercise Environment

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Recognize necessary information to prepare and set up the exercise environment in the pre-configured SAP learning system.

Please note: this lesson is optional

You only need to complete this lesson if you want to gain some hands-on experience during the learning journey.

We have prepared a hands-on exercise for most of the Units (Security, Orders, CronJobs, Workflows, Validation, and WCMS).

All the exercise materials are accessible in the pre-configured exercise environment on the SAP learning system access server (aka. LSA).

The blog post LSA (Learning System Access): Yet Another Way to Learn SAP Commerce Cloud

contains the information you’ll need to find/book a learning system.

Just remember to search for C4H34I to find the Practice system entry for this course.

After booking the learning system, please follow the instructions in the related system setup guide (aka. the SSG, available in the resource list of each LSA entry) to log in to the exercise environment server.

Locate the c4h34i_2205 folder in your home directory; inside, you will see the following 3 folders:

Exercises folder
contains a PDF file for each exercise, which can be performed by you when you complete the related unit in the learning journey.
eclipse-bundle folder
contains a pre-configured eclipse IDE for development.
workspace folder
contains the SAP Commerce Cloud system resources.

Before you begin the exercises, please visit the following page to watch a video providing a basic understanding of the exercise setup:

Once you've grasped the basics of performing exercises, please complete the setup exercise found in the Exercises folder:

Please follow the instructions step-by-step.

If you encounter a problem along the way, you can visit the following page and view a video demo of the setup exercise (note: subtle differences between the exercise and the demo can safely be ignored):

After completing the setup exercise, you are ready to perform the exercises in each unit as part of your learning journey.

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