Engineering Control Center

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Determine the benefits for engineers of working with the SAP Engineering Control Center
  • Using the Engineering Control Center as an alternative UI for working with master data

Determine the Benefits of the Engineering Control Center

The SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR)

SAP Engineering Control Center: The Simplified Platform

Using the ECTR stand-alone, a possible scenario could be the following:

  • When developing a new product, such as in our example of a new forklift, step one is to set up a new concept folder. Inside this folder, the first documents for specifications or engineering relevant data is stored, which is a secure storage area. If necessary, the first material master could also be created.

  • To set up the design folder. You are able to drag and drop objects out of your concept phase, or search for existing objects, like documents or material master. and store them inside this folder. At every stage you are able to open the objects with SAP GUI transaction. As a later scenario, CAD data is stored also inside this folder.

  • Then you could continue and set up a folder for every phase of your product lifecycle.

The document info record can be created manually or automatically, depending on the predefinitions you specified. The same also works for the creation of a material.

Explanation of the exercise

Throughout this course, you will find system exercises that will show you what the processes discussed in a lesson look like in the in SAP S4/HANA Product Engineering.

For all system exercises, you have two navigation options to choose from. The first option allows you to use the arrows in the header area to move thought the exercise. This option is recommended if you are already familiar with the system to some extent or want to get a quick overview of what the steps looks like. The second option allows you execute the required steps in the system yourself to get a good feel for the system.

To continue the exercise, you need to conduct the necessary steps, such as entering an object number, selecting Go, or selecting the arrow in the explanation box as shown below.


Working with the Engineering Control Center

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