Product Structure Management

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Benefit from the use of Product Structure Management
  • Setup a new Product Structure without a Material or Material BOM

Work with Product Structure Management

From Requirements to Production

Until recently, many companies have been dealing with the following dilemma: Which master data is required to model a configuration product? To solve this problem, your company may have used variant configuration with a supersession BOM for existing master data.

You are now looking for an alternative to define a product configuration at an early stage without any material masters or BOMs. Therefore, you decide to use Product Structure Management (PSM).

PSM provides a suitable platform – not only for development – but also for managing the entire product lifecycle. PSM offers more functions for modeling a product than the standard BOM.

Product Structure for Products with Multiple Variants

A structure node (or product item) is the entry point of Product Structure Management. It represents a function or product group and is not a material.

At the next level you can define Product Structure views. This view groups several objects like an assembly inside a material BOM.

The next level, the product item level is the most interesting one. At this level you define your object variants. In the case of a forklift engine, you define different types of diesel or electro engine. At this level, you define the object dependencies for your variant, and, in a later stage, the right material number.


Watch out the following simulations for a better understanding of working with Product Structure Management.

Working with Product Structure Management

The simulation gives you the same opportunities as working with a simulation with a Supersession BOM inside VC scenario. The only difference is that no material or material BOM exist, when you execute the simulation.

Simulating Product Structure


Synchronizing Product Structure to Material BOM

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