Explaining Auditing Capability

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe SAP Analytics Cloud system auditing features


Monitoring and Auditing

SAP Analytics Cloud logs all activities that users perform on business objects, for example, making changes to a model.

The contents of an audit log tell you who did what and when, allowing tracking of user activity. This audit log does not replace the trace feature, which can log system errors.

In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud can log failed attempts to create, delete, and change objects in the following situations:

  • Missing authorization

  • Disallowed or invalid change

  • Viewing activity log data

Watch this video to learn how to view the audited activities in the SAP Analytics Cloud.

The data changes feature for a model can optionally track the planning process down to the values changed. Unlike the audit log, this must be specifically requested, because it involves more storage.

Monitoring Reports

You can use the monitoring reports and data available to monitor the real-time statistics and usage of the system.

Let’s use the SAP Analytics Cloud Content Usage story to monitor performance.

The SAP Analytics Cloud Content Usage story can be activated from Content Network → Sample.

The story contains four tabs:

  • Story Information
  • Model Information
  • User Information
  • Session Information

To monitor system performance, go to the Navigation Bar and choose to System → Monitor.

In the cloud, SAP does the real administration in this area, but usage information is always available to be reviewed by administrators on your tenant.

To help control costs, you can review usage information from the System Usage by Storage area.

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