Using SAP Analytics Cloud Terminology

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain SAP Analytics Cloud Terminology


While there are many terms unique to SAP Analytics Cloud, here are a few that you will encounter regularly, both in this course and in your day-to-day activities with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Analytic application

An analytic application is a document that can contain visualizations such as tables, charts, and filters to allow navigation and analysis of data. It is similar to a story, but with robust customization options to change or limit the visualizations and interaction behaviors of the elements according to user requirements.

Canvas page
A canvas page is a blank canvas allowing you to add any story elements anywhere on the page. The page is a fixed height and width, no matter what device, or size of device, is being used to view the story.
A connection is fundamental to communicating between SAP Analytics Cloud and a specific data source. System administrators create connections to the specific data sources for your stories and analytic applications.
Data Analyzer

Data analyzer is a predefined ready-to-run application for Live SAP BW queries, Live SAP HANA views, and SAP Analytics Cloud models for ad-hoc analysis. Data analyzer is limited to a tablular view of the data, but there is a filter area and a builder panel with navigation capabilities to add and remove dimensions and measures to and from the table. In addition, a menu bar gives you a Refresh option and anEdit Prompts dialog, in case your data source is designed for setting prompts.

Digital Boardroom

Digital Boardroom is a place to design an interactive boardroom presentation with access to real-time data, allowing you to make fact-based decisions to drive your business. In addition to exploring directly on live data to discover relationships and drill into details, you can plan and simulate the effects of different assumptions and actions visually using value-driver trees.


A model is a representation of specific business data of an organization or business segment. A model is the basis for stories and analytic applications.


Planning in general is all about setting strategic goals and then determining how to meet those goals by creating annual budgets, tracking progress in forecasts, and simulating scenarios to find new opportunities. Planning functionality within SAP Analytics Cloud enables you to perform all these activities in one simple interface.

Responsive page
A responsive page is a story page that will adjust the size and location of the elements on the page depending on the device, or size of device, being used to view the story. It is the required page type for viewing stories on mobile devices.

A story lets you explore data interactively to find insights, visualize information with charts and tables, and share, present, and comment on your findings with colleagues. It is similar to an analytic application but with fewer customization options.

Widget is a generic term that refers to any element added to a story or analytic application. A chart or table is a widget, as is a text box or image. There are many widgets available to add to stories and analytic applications.

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