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SAP Analytics Cloud offers the possibility to import user data from a CSV file.
Choose the correct answer.
The Content Network contains pre-delivered content to assist customers with faster implementations.
Choose the correct answer.
SAP Analytics Cloud provides security management for which three options?
There are three correct answers.
Where is data security defined?
Choose the correct answer.
When exporting data from SAP Analytics Cloud into a .csv file, what is the maximum number of cells that will export?
Choose the correct answer.
Simone, a French user of SAP Analytics Cloud who resides in Spain, has created a story. Dieter, a German user who resides in Poland, wants to consume the story in German. Which language is used as the source language?
Choose the correct answer.
You created a story in the previous version of SAP Analytics Cloud. You want to import the story into the current version. Your colleague says that it’s a prerequisite for a successful import that the story to be imported was created in the current version. Is the statement of your colleague true or false?
Choose the correct answer.

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