Choosing between Optimized and Classic Design Modes

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Compare Optimized vs Classic Design Mode

Classic Design vs Optimized Design

When you create a story, you are prompted to choose Classic Design Experience or Optimized Design Experience mode:

SAP encourages you to use Optimized Design Experience mode whenever possible. The Optimized Design Experience includes many usability and performance improvements and is the prerequisite for future story enhancements like the integration of analytics design capabilities and digital boardroom features into the story. There are a set of features that may not be available at this time as SAP continues to enhance the Optimized Design Experience mode; however, these and other new features are being added with each quarterly release and will be made available only in the Optimized Story Experience. Furthermore, it will be the new default experience in future releases.

The benefits of using the Optimized Design Experience include:

  • Ghost Loading Indicators
  • Navigation of Large Hierarchies
  • Improved Tooltip Interactions
  • More with each quarterly update

The Classic Design Experience will still be available and provide access to features developed prior to Q2 2022. However, it will not receive any performance, functionality, or usability enhancements. There are also elements that will not be available at all in the Optimized Design Experience because there are more suitable substitutes. These elements include:

  • Explorer - Replaced by Data Analyzer as the new exploration tool
  • Grid Pages - Replaced by the Optimized Presentation table option within Responsive and Canvas Pages
  • Old HANA and BW Versions - Always use the latest BW and HANA version to ensure that you have the latest performance and feature functionality in SAP Analytics Cloud.
For the most current information on what features are available with each design experience mode, always refer to the SAC help in your current SAC tenant.

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