Explaining the Basics of Modeling

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define the SAC project workflow

The Basics of Modeling

SAP Analytics Cloud combines Business Intelligence, Augmented and Predictive Analytics, and Enterprise Planning capabilities in one product so everyone has the capabilities they need to make fast, confident decisions. The primary data source for these capabilities is an SAC Model, although Datasets are another possible source.

Now that you have the big picture in terms of the stories, models, and dimensions, let's keep in mind that there is a project workflow to put everything together.

As always, the gathering of business requirements will drive the implementation process. The business requirements are normally driven by the stories and applications for the business users. As the components are set up and the stories and applications are built, it is important to do stress testing as soon as possible particularly where the stories are complex and have high data volumes.

In addition, keep in mind how much your data will grow over time since this will also affect performance.

To aid this process, take advantage of the delivered content:

  • Story: SAC Content Usage
  • SAC Content Folder:
    • Story: Performance Statistics and Analysis
    • Story: Management Jobs Statistics and Analysis
    • Analytic Application: Performance Analysis Tool
    • ...

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