Creating CX journeys and milestones

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Design and implement CX Journeys and Milestones to illustrate individual customer journeys according to the business case.

CX journeys and milestones

CX journeys

CX journeys enable a brand or company to illustrate the major stages their customers go through in engaging with their company across all touchpoints and better understand the customer's overall experience.

CX journeys consist of milestones, which represent different stages at which the customers are in as they move through the experience funnel. For example, a customer transitions from awareness, to consideration, to purchase, to retention.

Entry conditions are the entry point for each milestone and trigger customer's transition from one milestone to the next in the CX Journey.

The customer's experiences within a certain milestone are managed through CX flows that can be triggered by events or activities.

Retail use case

Creating CX journeys and milestones

Business Case

A CX Journey represents the full lifecycle of a customer engagement with your brands, products and services. A CX Journey contains a sequence of Milestones. A single Milestone is a stage during a CX Journey where you can group CX Flows that will be triggered only if the Milestone’s Entry criteria is met.

You can model as many CX Flows and Milestones as you need to design different timelines of customer engagement with your business.

Our scenario consists of having an Onboarding Journey for organizing our Flows according to the level engagement maturity of our customers. The first Milestone will hold the Flows for registered customers and will trigger only flows for customers containing an e-mail contact.

Solution Overview

To fulfill our use case, we’ll create a simple CX Journey called New Customer Onboarding Journey with a single Milestone called Registered Customers Milestone., We’ll add our Welcome New Customer Message Flow that was previously created.

The Entry condition for our Milestone will be customers containing primary email contact information.

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