Exploring the Return to Supplier (BMK) Scenario

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Execute the process steps of the Return to Supplier (BMK) scenario


Introduction to Return to Supplier

The supplier return (or return to supplier) process described in this scenario is different from a simple return delivery to the supplier:

  • A return delivery is mapped as a goods issue posting (with or without delivery document) that immediately follows a goods receipt for a purchase order and relates to that purchase order: for example, for quality reasons, goods received must be returned.

  • A supplier return makes no reference to a concrete initial procurement process. Instead, it is treated as an entirely new process: It begins with the creation of a return purchase order and is followed by the goods return. The process is closed with the creation of a credit memo, which transfers the liability to the corresponding supplier.

The following are examples of scenarios for returns to supplier:

  • You procure filters from a supplier. You return the used filters to the supplier for recycling and receive a credit note at the agreed price.
  • You agree with your cable suppliers that you can return cable residues to them. You then receive a credit memo for the value of the copper contained in the cables (Paul’s scenario).
  • You return unsold merchandise to your supplier after promotion or season ends and receive a corresponding credit note.

Create Advanced Return Purchase Order

Create Return Delivery

Pick and Post Goods Issue

Order Replacement Material

Post Goods Receipt for Replacement Material

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